Welcome to RCI

We bring science to the farm


Welcome to RCI

We bring science to the farm


Welcome to RCI

We bring science to the farm

Welcome to the Ruth Group

Since 1957, RCI has supplied innovative animal health products and feed additives for food producing animals throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East. Our products improve animal health and livestock efficiency.

Why RCI Products?

RCI utilises the best available science to provide products to the livestock and agricultural industry.

We understand the need to make your business profitable.

Stimulate Feed Intake

Control pests

Manage Heat Stress

Optimise animal health

Improve farm profitability

Mycotoxin control

Feed Additive Solutions

Offer water soluble options

Solutions for:

Farm, Agriculture and Water Management Solutions

RCI's Water-Soluble Products

Animals experiencing disease and environmental stress, reduce feed intake but continue to drink water.

RCI has developed a range of water-soluble products designed for use in drinking water when feed intake is reduced.

Our water-soluble products allow effective dosing through drinking water to assist with livestock productivity.

Our Solutions

Animal Feed Additives

RCI offers a wide variety of liquid, powder, and granule feed additives.

Our range includes feed additives for improving feed utilisation, appetite stimulation, stress prevention and recovery, as well as mycotoxin binding.

We provide products for poultry, pigs, dairy and beef cattle, lambs, horses and aquaculture.

Feed Nutritional Services

Modern technology has had a profound impact on farm management. We are now able to access nutritional information in real time, to allow producers to make informed decisions.

Nutritional services are provided in conjunction with our Australian and New Zealand partner, AB Vista.

Pest Control & Algal Management

RCI products provide algal treatment solutions, rodent control products, fumigation technology and molluscicides.

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