ABVista Brochures

AB Vista Brochures

Econase XT

Econase XT is a grain-based feed additive for pigs and poultry.

It contains a highly thermostable xylanase enzyme designed to deliver greater energy extraction from monogastric feeds and positively impact animal performance and farm profilability.

Quantum Blue

Quantum Blue is an E. coli derived phytase, designed to hydrolyse phytate. When used as directed, it will release 5 of the 6 phosphate isomers contained in phytate.


Signis promotes the development of fibre-degrading microbes to assist in the production of VFAs (volatile fatty acids).

The feed additive Signis can be used in monogastric diets to improve fibre digestion, feed efficiency and reproductive performance.


Vistacell is a live yeast derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Its outer shell is used to protect the inner core of live yeast cells, ensuring the delivery of the maximum amount of activity to the rumen.


VistaPre-T is an enzyme designed to be applied directly to forage sources to improve digestion.


NIR4 analysis provides information enabling you to optimise ration, improve feed efficiency and improve production output.

It can be used at all stages of production, avoiding the expense and time-consuming process of testing samples in a traditional laboratory.