The Correct Dose, Every Time!

Suredose is the world’s most reliable system for delivering live yeast to dairy cows. Suredose protects live yeast activity ensuring the delivery of the exact amount of active Vistacell to every cow, every time. The Suredose technology is patented throughout the world.

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Rodent Poison

Warfarin interferes with Vitamin K metabolism. Available only to APVMA registered industrial users.

NIR4 Nutritional Service

Feed Nutritional Value Analysis in Real Time

NIR4 enables on-farm analysis of feed and feed ingredients. It can be used to formulate diets to maximise productivity and profitability. NIR4 technology is portable, user-friendly and avoids the expense and time consuming process of testing samples in a traditional laboratory.


Racehorse and Greyhound Training Support

Collovet is a dietary supplement intended for support with racehorse and greyhound training. As a mild stimulant, it is useful for improving mental alertness and capacity for muscular work. As a restorative tonic, it helps reduce performance or handling stress.


Aquatic Algaecide

Coptrol is a liquid algaecide for treating the growth of algal blooms in potable water, rice farms, livestock, mining and other industrial environments. It is effective for the control of free-floating, filamentous and blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) varieties. Water treated with Coptrol algaecide is suitable for human and animal consumption, as well as stock watering with no withholding period.


Disinfectant Fumigant

Neo OPP is a fumigant for use in intensive animal production systems. Once the tablet is ignited, the coloured fumigant smoke is spread uniformly to penetrate hard to reach areas in animal housing.

Copgane Capsules

Treatment of Copper Deficiency

Copgane is a treatment for copper deficiency in cattle, goats and sheep. Copper deficiency can seriously impact animal health if left untreated. It occurs in many regions throughout the world, but more typically in coastal areas with sandy soils or regions with granite-based soils.


Farming the Biome for Healthier Profits

Signis is designed to stimulate the fibre-degrading microbes in the digestive system of pigs and poultry. This improves energy production and nutrient extraction from fibre in feed.


Maximising Ruminants, Pigs & Poultry

Vistacell is a live yeast derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae and is used to improve digestive efficiency. Vistacell is used throughout the world and in numerous trials has demonstrated an ability to improve digestive efficiency and productivity in a variety of species.


Optimise Nutritional Value of Forage

VistaPre-T maximises the nutritional value of forage in ruminant diets and is used to increase the availability of energy from fibrous ingredients. VistaPre-T can be used to improve either performance or reduce feed costs.