Aquatic Algaecide

Coptrol is a next generation algaecide.

Coptrol is ideal for the control of most types of algae, including blue-green algae. It can be used to get rid of algae in irrigation canals, farm dams, mining and industrial ponds, ornamental ponds, raceways, rice paddies and potable water supplies.

Coptrol will clear up existing algae and prevent future growth, keeping water clear and bright. It works in all kinds of water, hard or soft, salt or fresh, turbid or clear.

Coptrol was developed and tested in Australia for Australian conditions. It is manufactured here for the domestic and export market. It is a water-soluble chelated copper compound which utilises organic chelating agents, resulting in a uniquely effective algaecide action. Algae actively seek Coptrol for the nutrient value of the organic chelating agent. Once ingested, the active copper kills the algae.

Coptrol has been specifically designed for safe and effective use in agricultural and for potable water supplies. Coptrol will not harm domestic pets, if used as directed.

It is a soluble liquid concentrate and is easy to measure and use.

Coptrol will not corrode metal surfaces such as water tanks, irrigation equipment, valves and pumps. Coptrol can be used in aircraft spraying equipment.


Coptrol Benefits

Water treated with Coptrol is safe for human and animal consumption, provided product label instructions are followed. Coptrol can be used in livestock with no withholding period.


Algal growth in agriculture can be a consistent problem. Coptrol can help get rid of algae in agricultural environments, however care should be taken to read the label to ensure appropriate application.

Farms and Ponds

Farm, dams and ponds often experience algal growth. This can cause a wide range of problems, including the blocking of filters, pumps and irrigation equipment. Blue-green algae can also cause stock losses due to its toxicity and should be handled with care.

Rice Crops

Emerging rice crops can be smothered by large slabs of algae covering the surface of the rice bay. Coptrol is an effective algae treatment against both green and brown algal species that occur in rice crops.

Dams and Potable Water Supplies

Dams can contain nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen. When combined with sunlight and warm water, this can often result in the growth of blue-green algae. Blue-green algae may contain potent toxins and should be treated with caution.

Horticultural Irrigation Systems

A small amount of algae in irrigation lines can reduce water flow and block nozzles. This can result in plant stress and poor or uneven productivity. Coptrol can be used for treating algae in irrigation systems.

Raceways and Irrigation Channels

There are more than 17,000km of irrigation channels in Australia. The availability of nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen, combined with sunlight and warm temperatures can result in significant algal growth in irrigation channels.

Livestock Water Supplies

Algal growth in livestock water supplies can reduce the welfare of these animals. Restricted water supply or toxins from blue-green algae can seriously affect the health of your livestock.

Golf Courses

The heavy use of fertiliser on golf courses can result in significant algal growth in waterways used for ornamental purposes. Coptrol can be used to control the development of algae in these systems.


Water supplies containing algae in the mining industry can have significant negative effects on the productivity of the mining industry. This can include blocking of filters, pumps and dust suppression systems, as well as toxicity from potential blue-green algal outbreaks.

Coptrol is suitable for

Algae Types Description
Free-floating algae Fine or free-floating algal blooms. Typical varieties include: Euglena, Microcystis, Aphanizomenon, Oscillatoria, Dictyosphaerium and Anabaena.
Filamentous algae Long, stringy filamentous algal blooms. Typical varieties include: Spirogyra, Chlorella, Hydrodictyon, Cladophora and Oedogonium.
Blue-green algae Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria).

How it works

Coptrol is a water-soluble chelated copper compound.

Algae seek out Coptrol for its nutrient value and absorb it through their cell wall. Once absorbed, the copper accumulates to a level where it becomes toxic to the cell, causing the cell to burst and die.


Product format

Water-soluble liquid.

General Product Warnings

Please read the Product Label for instructions and refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for additional information.


  • Coptrol should not be used in or discharged into rivers, streams, creeks, billabongs, lakes or wetlands.
  • This product is not intended to control aquatic weeds. 
  • Do not use Coptrol if water temperature is below 16°C (60.8°F).
  • Some fish and crustacean species may be sensitive to Coptrol in low water hardness. Please check the product label for more instructions.
  • Do not use if Calcium Carbonate levels are 50ppm or lower.