rat eating irresistible rat bait


Rodent Poison

Warfarin interferes with Vitamin K metabolism. Available only to APVMA registered industrial users.


Aquatic Algaecide

Coptrol is a liquid algaecide for treating the growth of algal blooms in potable water, rice farms, livestock, mining and other industrial environments. It is effective for the control of free-floating, filamentous and blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) varieties. Water treated with Coptrol algaecide is suitable for human and animal consumption, as well as stock watering with no withholding period.


Disinfectant Fumigant

Neo OPP is a fumigant for use in intensive animal production systems. Once the tablet is ignited, the coloured fumigant smoke is spread uniformly to penetrate hard to reach areas in animal housing.

rat eating irresistible rat bait


Rodent Pest Control

Rats and mice are the enemy of farm profitability. Ratblitz does not contain grain and is designed to be attractive to rodents in livestock producing environments. Rodents eat Ratblitz in preference to grain or grain-based stockfeed. It contains a slow-acting poison to ensure mortality occurs away from the bait; this avoids alerting other rodents.