Farming the Biome for Healthier Profits

Signis is designed to stimulate the fibre-degrading microbes in the digestive system of pigs and poultry. This improves energy production and nutrient extraction from fibre in feed.


Maximising Ruminants, Pigs & Poultry

Vistacell is a live yeast derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae and is used to improve digestive efficiency. Vistacell is used throughout the world and in numerous trials has demonstrated an ability to improve digestive efficiency and productivity in a variety of species.

Econase XT

Xylanase Feed Additive for Pigs & Poultry

Econase XT is a xylanase feed additive designed to increase nutrient availability from cereals. By hydrolysing non-starch polysaccharide enzymes (NSPs), additional energy and amino acids are made available for animal utilisation.

Quantum Blue

Phytase Feed Additive to Unlock Maximum Animal Nutrition

Quantum Blue is an E. coli derived phytase, designed to hydrolyse phytate. The phytase releases nutrients bound in phytate contained in cereals and oilseeds, extracting phosphorus, calcium and sodium, energy and amino acids. This can improve feed efficiency, live weight gain and farm profitability.


Poultry & Pig Appetite Stimulant

Anigane is an appetite stimulant and is used for overcoming loss of appetite in pigs and poultry. Dosing with Anigane may reduce loss of appetite, due to heat stress in animals. Anigane can be beneficial for other stress factors such as poor ventilation, disturbances, disease and recovery from transportation.


Feed Additive for Essential Electrolytes

Selectolyte should be used to replace electrolytes lost by livestock as a result of stress. Selectolyte is water soluble and is suitable for use in all types of livestock, including poultry, pigs, dairy cattle and calves.