Rodent Pest Control

Rodents are the unseen enemy of farm profitability. Able to consume up to 10% of their body weight, an unchecked rat population can quickly damage foodstuffs and potentially spread disease. An effective rodent treatment is vital to avoid physical and financial loss.

Ratblitz is recommended for the control of rats and mice on farms and in other agricultural settings. Its effectiveness has been shown through years of on-farm application.

Ratblitz is a non-grain based bait containing Warfarin and specifically targets rats and mice. Warfarin quickly breaks down after ingestion and does not leave residual toxins in dead rodents.

Ratblitz Benefits

A breeding pair of rats can potentially produce a colony of over 5000 rodents within a year. Ratblitz is an effective way to control rat and mouse populations.

Reduce Animal Feed Wastage

Mice and rats can eat up to 10% of their body weight per day. In grain equivalents, and based upon a colony of 5000, this equates to 75 tonnes of grain lost per year.

Protect Against Disease

Rats and mice can carry a host of diseases and parasites. An effective mouse and rat poison can help lower the spread of these throughout human and animal populations.


Reduce Machinery Damage

Rats and mice can cause machinery damage by chewing on wiring and other soft components.

Product Features

Ratblitz offers a variety of features which boost its effectiveness.

Attractive to Rats and Mice

Mice and rats want to eat the bait in preference to grain. This increases its effectiveness.

Non-Violent Rodent Death

Rats, in particular, are smart. Sudden or violent deaths will arouse their suspicion.

Avoid Alerting Other Rodents

Ratblitz kills rats and mice slowly so that death typically occurs away from the bait.

Ratblitz is suitable for use in feed sheds, poultry farms, aviaries and in any environment
where large volumes of grain are stored.

How it works

Ratblitz contains Warfarin.

Warfarin interferes with Vitamin K metabolism.

Warfarin is added to the non-grain based meal to make it attractive to rats and mice.

Treatment Areas Description
Farm Sheds As a professional rat control compound, Ratblitz is effective for use in and around poultry sheds. Ensure the rat baits are out of reach of the birds and pigs.
Dairy and Meatworks Loose grain and processing scraps attract rodents. Please ensure any specific food processing guidelines are following for placement of rodent baits in these settings.
Wharves Rats and mice are drawn to wharf areas involved with shipping grain and foodstuffs. Ratblitz is an irresistible rat bait
Industrial Areas Any industrial areas that are used in food manufacturing or food storage can be breeding grounds for rats and rodents.
Domestic Ratblitz is targeted as a commercial rat poison for rodent control on farms and other agricultural or industrial locations. It is suitable, however, for domestic use as well. Be careful to lay bait away from pets and children.

APVMA Registration

Approval Number: 33945

For all Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority registrations information, please visit the Public Chemicals Registration System (PUBCRIS) Search

Product format

Loose granules.

Overview of usage

Portions of Ratblitz can typically be poured into locations inaccessible to animals other than rats or mice.

An alternative method of rodent baiting is to prepare small (~10g) parcels of Ratblitz wrapped in rice paper or telephone book pages. These can then be distributed in the areas where mice and rats commonly congregate.

Regularly monitor the areas that have been baited. Replace any rodent baits that have been eaten, and if the baits are eaten quickly, increase their number. Continue observation and replenishments until no more bait is taken. Generally, this will be at least two weeks in order to reduce rat or mouse numbers.

General Product Warnings

Please read the Product Label for instructions and refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for additional information.


  • Place baits in locations inaccessible to other birds, animals or children.
  • This product is hazardous to pigs, cats, dogs, and poultry. The product is especially toxic to pigs and care should be taken to avoid ingestion.
  • Do not contaminate ponds, waterways, or drains with the product or used containers.
  • Ratblitz is highly toxic and poisonous if swallowed.
  • Do not inhale dust or touch the product directly and use appropriate safety equipment during preparation.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after use.

Additional information

Technical Information

Product Label

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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