RCI Brochures

RCI Brochures


Anigane is an appetite stimulant for pigs and poultry, including broilers, layers, turkeys and ducks. It is valuable for overcoming the effects of general stress and heat stress.


Collovet is a restorative and appetite supplement and is approved in use for racehorses and greyhounds.

Collovet is a dietary adjunct stimulant and appetizer (stomachic), as a restorative of general convalescence, supportive therapy to infection and to aid in correcting inappetence in animals regularly under stress in work or training.


Coptrol is a next generation algaecide.

Coptrol is ideal for the control of most types of algae, including blue-green algae in irrigation canals, farm dams, industrial ponds, ornamental ponds, raceways, rice paddies and potable water supplies.

Yeast Culture Dehydrated

RCI-Yeast Culture Dehydrated for use in animal feed to optimise performance.

RCI-Yeast Culture Dehydrated

Hi βeta

Hi βeta is a feed additive which may improve the performance of animals. Hi βeta contains osmolytes and is a powerful methyl donor, facilitating necessary chemical processes in the animals body.


Neo OPP is a disinfectant fumigant for use in intensive animal production systems. It contains ortho-phenylphenol as the active ingredient.

Organomin Forte

ORGANOMIN®-Forte is produced by fermentation of yeast with minerals. During the
fermentation yeast peptides complex with minerals to form organic mineral proteinates.

Organomin Forte

Protected Urea

RCI-Protected Urea is urea that has been coated by a unique control-release technology. Containing 85% urea, that is released slowly into the rumen

Protected Urea


Ratblitz is recommended for the control of rats and mice on farms and in other agricultural settings. Its effectiveness has been shown through years of on-farm application.


Selectolyte is an easily applied water-soluble powder for use in drinking water, feed or as a drench. Selectolyte is suitable for all types of livestock, including poultry, pigs, dairy cattle and calves.

B.Subtilis Fermented

RCI-B Subtilis-Fermented contains surfactin, one of the most powerful biosurfactants, is a lipopeptide-type biosurfactant that is generated by Bacillus subtilis.

B.Subtilis Fermented


Mycotoxins are the by-products of mould and fungal growth in feed ingredients used by the livestock industry. This can have a significant impact on both animal health and productivity.

Torbeed Liquid is a water-soluble compound. When ingested, it is designed to bind with toxins to prevent their absorption through the digestive lining.


Suredose is the world’s most reliable system for delivering live yeast to dairy cows.

Suredose protects live yeast activity, ensuring the delivery of the exact amount of active Vistacell to every cow, every time.