Collovet Appetite Stimulant - 1 Ltr Bottle

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Brand: RCI

A restorative and appetite stimulant.

Ideal for picky, fussy and finicky eaters.

Collovet is an extremely palatable water soluble liquid. It is especially helpful during intensive training programmes to maintain progressive conditioning or to assist in overcoming post-competitive fatigue or to promote "bloom" in show animals. It is manufactured in Australia by Ruth Consolidated Industries Pty Ltd.

Collovet 5 way action for consistent results.
appetite collovet hpStimulates appetite

tone collovet hpImproves nervous "tone" in animals undergoing training, schooling or racing.

muscular collovet hpImproves capacity for muscular work

bloom collovet hpConditions animals for show or sale and promotes a healthy bloom to the coat.

going collovet hpKeeps animals eating and keeps them growing. Especially helpful where animals are off feed and racing horses and racing camels are “training off”.

Solves the “off feed”and “training off” syndrome.

Collovet is readily accepted by all animals, increasing mental alertness and capacity for muscular work. It is most useful where animals are suffering from performance or handling stress and where they are “off feed” or suffering from “training off syndrome” or recovering from illness.

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