Coptrol Algaecide - 1 Ltr Bottle

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Brand: RCI

Coptrol – An Effective Treatment for Algae Control - 1Lt Bottle

Coptrol is a potent algaecide, effective for the control of filamentous and free-floating algal blooms. It can also be used for the treatment of blue-green algae problems.

Water treated with Coptrol algaecide is safe for human consumption and stock watering with no withholding period. Treated water can be used for many purposes including crop irrigation, horticulture, and landscaping. It will not harm domestic pets.

This listing is for a 1 litre bottle of Coptrol, suitable for smaller algae problems.

Coptrol can be used to treat algae problems in:

  • Farms and farm ponds.
  • Dams, reservoirs, and other and potable water supplies.
  • Aquaculture.
  • Livestock water supplies and drinking troughs.
  • Raceways and irrigation channels.
  • Horticultural irrigation systems.
  • Rice crops.
  • Gold courses and greens.
  • Mining and industrial environments.

Coptrol will work in all types of water to control algae whether salt-water or fresh; hard or soft; cloudy or clear.

Coptrol contains a specially developed water-soluble chelated copper compound which algae seek out for its nutrient value. The algae absorb this compound which then disrupts the cell walls and causing the total breakdown of the algae organism.

Please note: Coptrol does not control aquatic weeds.

If you are uncertain whether you have an algae problem or for more product information, please visit the Coptrol product page on our website. Alternatively, contact our sales team for assistance.

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